Trailer Fleet

JETS Transport Express operates a unique fleet of air ride  roller bed trailers that are designed to carry airfreight.
Our trailers are fitted with retractable lift decks, capable of lifting a 5000kg ULD.

All of our trailers have air ride suspension and the majority of our fleet is fitted with Thermo King refrigeration units.

Each trailer is capable of carrying loose freight or aircraft ULDs in various configurations as illustrated below.



Enclosed trailer configured with 1 AQ6 and 3 AQ7
(PMC M-1)

  Enclosed trailer configured with 8 AKE ( LD-3)




Enclosed trailer shown with the lift deck raised.
Ideal for carrying 2 x PGA’s (M-2)

     Enclosed trailer configured with 1 lower deck and
3 AQ6 main deck pallets (PMC, M1)



Mezzanine trailer allows us to maximize your
awkwardly shaped loose freight.

  Our open trailer is designed for oversized freight.



The above configurations should be used as guide only.
Please confirm all details with JETS Transport Express before planning your movements.

Download the PDF here

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