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Casual positions are available for experienced HC / MC Operators.

  • Interstate Drivers - MELBOURNE, SYDNEY
  • Local Drivers - SYDNEY


Applicants should be aware that a federal police check is conducted. Candidates must meet Insurance, ASIC security clearance requirements along with a comprehensive medical assessment. Those that do not meet these criteria need not apply.

Position Applying for:*


Full Name:*    
Date of Application:*    
Current Address:* Previous address:
(if at current address under 12 mths)
State:* State (previous):
Postcode:* Postcode (previous):
Telephone contact:*    
Date of birth:*    
Email address:*    

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY* (List past 5 employers starting with the most recent)

Employer Name

Position Held
Period of Employment
Reason for Leaving

ACCIDENTS* (List any vehicle accidents in the last 5 years)

Have you had any accident in the last 5 years?

Date Nature of Accident (eg: Single vehicle, head on, rear ended)
Approx Damage ($)
(your vehicle)
At Fault?
Serious Injuries/fatality?

List current licences or authorisations (eg: drivers' licence, forklift tickets, DG authorisations)


Licence/Auth No State of Issue Expiry Date Years Held
Have you had your driver's license cancel or suspended? (If Yes, provide details)
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? (If Yes, provide details)

Provide details of demerit points lost (or pending to be lost for previous 3 years)

Offence Comments
Points Lost
Are you prepared to sign a letter of authorisation for this company to obtain details of your driving history from the relevant road authority?
Do you agree for the Company (Jets Transport Express ) to undergo ‘Random' Demerit Point Check?
Do you allow Jets Transport Express to undergo ‘Random' Log Book Checks?

DRIVING EXPERIENCE* (List your driving experience starting with the most recent)

Vehicle Type(eg. Rigid, semi, B- double) Number of Years Experience  
Type of Work(eg. Tipper, fridge, general) When Experience Gained(eg. 1997-1999) Whilst Employed by


EDUCATION (List highest level achieved at school and any other relevant courses undertaken)

Course Name Level achieved(eg: school certificate, VSC, diploma)  
Institution Period from

Work Cover

Are you currently receiving any form of worker's compensation? (If Yes, provide details)
Have you ever made a ‘Work Cover Claim'? (If Yes, provide details)
Do you have any claims pending or intend to lodge claims against former employers? (If Yes, provide details)
Do you have any physical, mental or learning disability or condition, which the Company may need to accommodate if employed as a driver? (Refer job description for employment specification, ask if not provided. If Yes, provide details)
Are you prepared to sign a letter of authorisation for this Company to obtain details of you compensation history from the relevant Work Cover authority?


The Company reserves the right to require you to undergo both a pre-employment and if successful on-going medical examinations by a company appointed doctor. The purpose of the medical is to protect public safety and such the NRTC “Medical Examinations of Commercial Vehicle Drivers” standard is used.

Do you agree to undergo medical examinations by the Company's appointed Doctor?
Do you agree for the Company (Jets Transport Express) to undergo ‘Random & Targeted' Drug & Alcohol Testing?

To aid in this process, you are required to complete the “self report”, attached to this employment form, which will be on-forwarded to the Company doctor to aid the medical examination process.


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